Our Journey enabled us to grow with our customers to ensure that we provide the necessary capability and support for our customers to grow. We achieved this by embarking on a number of projects. Some of the key projects include:

Financial Sector

  • Migration of systems executing on OS2 operating system platform to Windows
  • Development of systems that were written in OS/2 were converted to Java with improved response times and less capacity requirements
  • Assisting in the development of the front-end applications for the Core Banking migration journey
  • Development of the Teller System
  • Reconciliation with various financial systems
  • Industry System Compliance – NCA (National Credit Act), ICMS (Integrated Cash Management System), POPI
  • Banking applications on Mobile devices and browsers
  • Assisting development In Java in delivering Corporate Investment Bank solution for clients across Africa
  • Migration of clients from legacy system to the new technology system
  • Production Support
  • Various UI Framework Developments
  • Intelligent Automation – WorkFusion Platform to implement Intelligent Automation

Mining / Retail / SME

  • Interface between Medical digital image software system and Occupational Health Systems
  • Integration between various systems and devices
  • Incident Management System
  • Mobile Device Applications for Retail customers
  • Web Based System for Hardware Support and Call logging